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A Tale of LoveÖ

Established in November 2007, Quality Life Discoveries unravels the latest chapter in a familyís tale of love. Edwin and Mary Ann Cua have been seeking the best medical and therapy services abroad for their son, Jared, since he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy due to prematurity. With all of their dedication and perseverance in seeking services for their son, Jared improved dramatically, developing functional skills and defying initial discouraging prognoses. All their travels proved to take a heavy toll for Jared. A serious seizure attack triggered by exhaustion from incessant traveling impelled the couple to heap the best technology and resources from all over the world in their home country the Philippines. Thus, giving Jared and many other differently-abled children and adults a safe and better access to services that promote wellness, rehabilitation and quality of life.

The Logo

The yellow tile features a childís drawing of a family, representing the centerís client-centered philosophy. The center is not just a center for the recipient of the services but a haven where the whole family can convene. The green tile features hands representing the centerís pledge to service and empower its clients and their families to optimize their potentials. The red tile shows a mother and child, symbolizing the centerís focus on genuine care. And finally the blue tile depicts books representing the centerís vision to be a haven for learning and research.

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We are looking for people to join our team.The following positions are still available: Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist and Special Education Teachers. For interested parties, please email us your resumes.